When the word summer is associated to your lifestyle you think happy days, living the life and the rest of the conotations such as the beach. Winter on the other hand is about the consistant attempt of staying warm and cosy, going to places like Max Brenner to enjoy both your outing eating and drinking chocolate, whilst keeping warm.

However due to the constant damages which humans have done to our Earth, the weather remains undecided on what it should be. For instance this afternoon in was bright and sunny with a shower.  A sun shower they call it?! Unless we start taking dramatic action to help this planet, God only knows what we are in wise.


A hillarious summary of peoples perceptions and judgements, due to stereotypes, whilst traveling on public transport. Perhaps another reason why I dislike public transport. A very intriguing insight..loved it actually :P



Literature So What?


This semester I have learnt that literature is not just any piece of writing, rather it is a valuable piece which is unique as it may have derived from an interesting context of time and it may also come in different forms and styles such as a "reader-response" essay: an integration of thoughts and experiences. (p. 1154)

It is the exploration of making sense of life. Such as investigating notions such as love, hate, success, failure, persona's, ones identity, ones alter ego/facade..etc. Rather an intriguing conept!


Heyy Alyssa :)

Thankfully I was the sound persons, but I will keep that piece of advice in mind-for next time..On the other hand I think you came across as quite a convincing latina :P you were really good and passionate, perhaps a career in Broadway?? Keep it in mind :D

Take Care


Cuban Swimmer


Cuban Swimmer

Scene 5 and Scene 6 were the scenes my drama group and I performed as we explored the theme of breaking free from the parent. In my personal opinion, I strongly believed that the father 'Eduardo'  who is also Margarita's coach, was trying to raise his daughter and provide her with something he missed out on in his life. Therefore perhaps trying to fulfil a goal of his own through the medium of his daughter's life. Although my family consistantly support me in what ever I chose to do in my life, thus caring for my happiness, I consistantly feel a sense of responsibility certainly not to the extent of Margarita. However there is a slight sense underlying the way I chose to live my life. This is because I have been raised to appreciate and take the opportunities life throws at you because many people like my parents were provided these opportunities- however during a time of war, which made it that much more difficult to succeed.

Evidently Margarita experiences this however her father in particular does not give her room to grow individually, therefore she is not truely content with her life. This is evident in Scene 5 when Margarita finally expresses the way she is feeling to her father " they hate me..they whisper about me. She can't swim" (pg. 438), however it seems to fall on deaf ears as her father responds by saying "Punch those arms. Come you hear me?." As Margarita awaits for her fathers approval to quit, it becomes clear how lonely and discontent she really is as she struggles to keep her fathers dream alive whilst dismissing her own. Therefore her other family members are presented as her support network whom attempt to wake her father ' Eduardo' up by saying "She wants to quit, can't you see she's had enough." (pg. 439) 

A fascinating way to explore the way in which the wonders of family, success and hapiness play out. Perhaps, play writer Milcha Sanchez-Scott had such experience herself as it is portrayed in such a skillfull and imaginative manner.



So true Regina!!

However the only thing i find which i'm sure you do also is you only feel guilty and bad that your not doing the work.. i've also come to the realisation that it needs to be done so we basically put the pressure on ourselves :P



Andre's Mother


Andre's Mother

A wonderful story composed in the style of a play.
The symbolic use of white balloons in the middle of all the events highlights the optimistic outlook of death. 'it means your letting his soul ascend into heaven.' (pg312)
It also explores the intrinsic concern of a mother for her child. In this situation it stems from the fact that Andre 'died of aids' ((pg313). Although the balloons aim to provide the mother with a sense of comfort, the fact that she has lost her very own son a product of her love has now left her to live a bitter possably sweet life 'Im bitter I've lost him' (Pg313). Her outlook on life has significantly been impacted due to such an unfortunate event. Ones loss is a heartache which no other can ever truely understand, although one may find share a common emotion with someone because they too have experienced a loss, it will never be truely understood.

This is extremely interesting. The spur of the moment thing has happened to me quite a lot although none of them have been half as interesting as your italian situation, however they were still intrinsic to where I am today.

I loved the way you compared yourself to michael angelo funny stuff.
Les Miserables another beautiful way to portray your emotion a wonderful theatre which also explores these feelings of life.
Keep it up..



This notion of 'verbal duluge' reminds of the way people attempt to fill the avoid and awkard silence by cluttering a bunch of words together thus creating a cacophony of sound. Perhaps our society has lead us to believe that silence is not a charcteristic to be proud of or accept, rather chaos and noise is much more preffered within our hectic lifestyles. The purpose simply trying to get through the awkard moments. Therfore the challenge being spekinh the truth, speaking the thoughts that are genuinely racing through your mind rather than modifying your thoughts and manipulating them to suit what your perception on what the other will accept or agree with.

Mmm not contemplating what the other may think of us when we speak.. impossible, traumatic, unacceptable, saying what I really want to say, speaking my mind neverr!!
The notion of truth seems to evoke a sense of fear within each and everyone of us, hiding behind a facade of words seems to be much easier..however what provides us with more contentment..being ourselves or someone else?!





This is quite an interesting way to investigate the strong emotion of longing and desperation. Through the character of Zaabalawi we see the authors need for this particular character inorder to experience a sense of closure in their life. It therefore begins to become somewhat like a sickness to him because he focuses so much of his energy on this character. 'Such suffering is part of the cure' (pg 485) The pain acts as a protagonist in his suffering inorder to eventually meet the man he has long awaited to meet. This painful experience of absence has been experienced by many of us, therefore this story may be easily interrpreted inorder for us to further understand this notion of pain and anguish.



Hey regina I think this is an wonderfully composed piece as it highlights the wonders of time passing and the way we associate feelings and memories to them. Usually in my case mediums such as music and smell evoke my sense of memory..or other things such as da ja vous!

Tania :)

Reclaiming the Pleasures of Time and Space


Literature so what?

 As I contemplate the notion of advancements in technology I wonder whether or not such speed and  “convenience” is worth the trouble, as it seems to hinder our inner self.

As Schiebert highlights the consequences of rapid technology, it is evident that this is referring to a metaphorical cost, ‘comes at a cost’, as we are suffering as a direct result in trying to keep up with such innovations rather than spending quality time to reflect and prioritise our self.

I agree with such arguement because although technology is very convenient in our chaotic lives, we seem to rely on it too heavily, therefore one something goes wrong a ripple effect occurs and we are therefore left in dismay.

When we do not give time to ourselves to reflect and reminisce, our lives our not worth their value as we are constantly caught up in the future rather than learning from our past and enjoying the present. This is  manifested throughout "Life...Too Strong to Stop, Too Sweet to Lose", 'what unites writers', perhaps one could assume that they share the commonality of appreciating literature for its perpetual purposes. For instance one can escape the norms of reality when they accept the invitation to journey through the means of literature.


Hey andrew,
We seem to have both responded to this in the same sense.As today's generation is too caught up with the advancements in technology rather than priotising their lives around their family. I enjoy this, great work..

Tania :)

The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria


This text immediately attracted my attention as it begins by referring to one of my favourite songs 'Maria'- fearturing Carlos Santana. It then begins to explore the concept of belonging and how ones culture is inextricably linked to ones persona and lifestyle..'The island travels with you.' (page 898)

I also related to the character of Cofer because there are a few things that I also seem to find fascinating when I experience a culture clash, hence leading to a 'mixed cultural signal'. Although I was born in Australia and consider myself as an Australian it is undeniable that my culture from the country of Lebanon has significantly impacted me. My morals and ethics in particular as both my grandparents and parents have raised me with such values. For example their is a strong belief in respecting your olders, being honest, truthful and respectful.

I also believe it is important to recognise that different cultures filter certain things differently both in the slightest mental sense and also in relation to the individuals behaviour. For instance something you do overseas which is fine to do in Australia can offend some people. Through Cofer's example it is evident that her clothing signifies celebration and tradition when showing some skin, however in Australia some people may precieve it as a sexual signal..'come-on') pg899. 


Hi Chris

As I just completed reading this I immediately thought to myself how true this is and i am not just saying this so that i can leave a comment!

I have actually considered this concept on a number of occasions but its just been a lingering notion in the back of my mind. Therefore when I read this I appreciate immensely, the fact that you have actually put it into writing with a poem to elaborate on your point, is realy great :) Your use of rhetorical questioning, bold statements, adjectives and similies 'like a jug' also skillfully highlight your point. Awesome work really enjoyed it


Joy Harjo


Bat Mitzvah Dance, Knickerbocker Hotel, 1991/2003

As I began to observe this intriguing piece of photography, it is evident that the photographer 'M. Pinney', has skillfully captured the atmosphere and the insipid mood of the moment. After a few more observations i begin to notice the young adolscents faces as they dance with their mothers. A Bat Mitzvah being an extremely symbolic time for a Jewish family as it signifies the boys transition from adolescents to adulthood. Therefore i begin to question why such an 'important' event seems to be so bland.
Perhaps it is the fear of change.
Knowing that you can no longer behave or play around like a child anymore, as you are now considered a grown up within your immediate sphere of family and friends.

The fact that the boys are now attired in sensible suits, clearly magnifies this idea of growth adn maturity. Their indifference to the camera (boy on the left) also clearly exemplifies his lack of interest, alongside his body language which further illuminates his resistance in accept the journey to change, due to a fear of the possibilities associated with it.

Poem summarising the image
It is my Bat Mitzvah,
It is my Bat Mitzvah..
How could this be?
Why is time so cruel to me?!
Longing for freedom, from this significant event   
To put on a shirt and hide away, in my mysterious tent...

hey :)
This poem is really good!!
I think the reason for this is because of your use of vivid imagery throughout this creative plot and because of your detailed use of adjectives to highlight and express the chaos of the event.


the olive grove


As this text begins exploring the past, his persona is clearly illuminated through the skilful use of jargon, as it assists in highlighting the persona’s interests, ‘port of Provence.’ ‘A priest was alone in his boat.’ This use of vivid imagery immediately sparks my imagination.

Throughout the poem the persona’s personality shifts as he begins to recollect his thoughts on his past, this therefore leads to a rage of anger within him. As he brings out the secret in relation to his son, it is clear that he had negative associations with this person in his life.”It is his, not yours!” (pg 325)

Hi Joanne :)

I not only enjoyed reading this self composed poem, however I too can relate to it. My grandparents also migrated to Australia and they too perpetually value and appreciate the opportuinities it provides..Your use of repitition 'together', provides the poem with a prominant theme of love and of its true meaning.As your grandparents overcame the hardship and struggles of life in unison.

Your use of eclispses are also cleverly used to portray the concept of time passing alongside its inevitable nature.
Really enjoyed it keep it up!